The Death And Life Of Bobby Z - Don Winslow

The Death And Life Of Bobby Z

By Don Winslow

  • Release Date: 2013-10-31
  • Genre: Romans et littérature


Small-time crook Tim Kearney is given the chance to win his freedom by impersonating big-time crook and drug lord Bobby Z. The problem is everyone seems to be after Bobby Z: the Mexican drug lord Bobby's partner stitched up, Bobby's partner himself who wants to keep the money he stole from Bobby. The other problem is other people seem to be after Tim himself: the Hell's Angels whose friend he killed in prison, the DEA agent who set him up as Bobby Z in the first place, and the hispanic gang leader whose death he may inadvertently have caused. Tim/Bobby has to run the the gauntlet of assasins with Bobby Z's 6-year-old son in tow. But with the net closing and the bullets flying, and witha bit of help from a street crazy, Tim finally gets where he needs to be and manages to find the freedom he is looking for.