Prophet Muhammad in The Bible - P. Zainul Abideen

Prophet Muhammad in The Bible

By P. Zainul Abideen

  • Release Date: 2015-02-19
  • Genre: Religion et spiritualité


Many religions came into existence while many are dead.
Among existing religions Islam and Christianity occupy top positions. These religions are followed in countries around the world.
These two religions have different ideologies but share some common faith.
Christianity believes Jesus was born without male intervention this faith is also shared by Islam.
Christianity believes before Christ many prophets of God appeared. They were given revelations by God, Islam too accepts this.
Islam believes Jesus as the mighty messenger of God.
Christianity believes in after life. They believe their life in earth should be according to God’s laws .This will decide their eternal life, people will be rewarded heaven or hell. Islam seriously stresses on after life. These are some faith common between Islam and Christianity.
But in some faith Christianity and Islam differs. Basic Christian faith is “Jesus was born of God”.
Basic faith of Islam is: Allah was not begotten, nor does he beget, he does not have female companions, nor does he have relatives. Islam severely condemns this. Jesus was not the son of God in literal sense.
Abraham, Moses and Jesus were prophets of God. Islam says Jesus was not the son of God but he was a prophet of God.
“Adam sinned by disobeying God as a result his descendants were born sinners”. This is the basic belief of Christianity.
Islam believes Adam sinned by disobeying God, But his sin was not passed to his descendants; a new born child does not inherit sin.
This is another faith where Christianity differs from Islam.
As humans are born sinners it becomes essential to sacrifice. Christianity believes that Jesus sacrificed himself for the sins of mankind.
Bible says Jesus was unwilling to be sacrificed. But he was captured by his enemies and punished. Jesus cries “My God My God why have you forsaken me”. It clearly contradicts Bible’s view of Jesus self-sacrifice. Islam too takes this stand.
Even if Jesus self-sacrificed himself, it would only be atonement for his sins and not the sins of mankind, this is Islam stand.
No country will punish a son for his father’s crime. When men are intelligent enough to stop such laws is it reasonable to believe God would give such a law? Is God less intelligent than Man? This logical question is raised by Islam. These are major differences between Christianity and Islam.
Islam believes revelations were given to the prophets of God but were manipulated by men.
Islam believes some words of God are still retained in the Bible. There are many verses in the Bible which prophesies the arrival of Prophet Muhammad.
These prophecies are found in Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible.
The goal of this book is to prove prophet Muhammad (saw) was prophesized in Bible and he was a prophet sent by God to all mankind.
If Christians read this book with an open heart they would inevitably conclude that Prophet Muhammad (saw) was a messenger sent by God. We pray that you might be guided into the truth.